Public Deliverables

Deliverable numberDeliverable nameDelivery date
D1.1Project HandbookJune 2017
D1.4Project Website and Collaborative Platform DescriptionAugust 2017
D2.2Business, Operational and Technical Requirements for Satellite eMBBJuly 2019
D2.3Business Modelling and Techno-economic Analysis of Satellite eMBBNovember 2019
D3.1Integrated SaT5G General Network ArchitectureNovember 2019
D3.2Integrated SaT5G Detail Network ArchitectureJuly 2018
D3.3Integral End-to-End Service Delivery ArchitectureJuly 2018
D3.4Satellite and 3GPP NextGen Reference InterfaceJuly 2018
D4.1Virtualisation of Satcom Components – Analysis, Design and Proof of ConceptsAugust 2019
D4.2Integrated Network Management – Analysis, Design and Proof of ConceptsAugust 2019
D4.3Multi-link and Heterogeneous Transport – Analysis, Design and Proof of ConceptsAugust 2019
D4.4Satcom & 5G Control/User Plane Harmonisation – Mid- and Long-Term ApproachAugust 2019
D4.55G Security Mechanisms Extended to Satellite LinksAugust 2019
D4.6Caching and Multicast – Analysis, Design and Proof of ConceptsAugust 2019
D5.3Demonstration of Fixed and Home Backhaul Scenarios Including Caching & MulticastOctober 2019
D5.4Demonstration of Mobile Backhaul Scenario Including Caching & MulticastOctober 2019
D5.5Validation of 5G Control and User Plane HarmonisationOctober 2019
Results and Recommendations from SaT5G Demonstrations and ValidationsOctober 2019
D6.1Roadmap for Satellite into 5GNovember 2019
D6.2Standardisation Action PlanAugust 2017
D6.3Standardisation Activity ReportNovember 2019
D6.4Dissemination PlanAugust 2017
D6.5Dissemination Activity ReportNovember 2019
D6.6Exploitation PlanAugust 2018
D6.7Exploitation Activity Report November 2019